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Trappist beers

Two concepts should never be confused when talking about beer: abbey beers and Trappist beers. While Trappist beers are always brewed in abbeys, the contrary is not true! Indeed, Trappist beers are exclusively produced in the abbeys of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (OCSO). They can be recognised from their label with the writing “Authentic Trappist Product”, certifying the origin and tradition of beer brewing by the monks themselves!

Originally these beers were brewed by the monks for their own consumption. But the visitors who tasted them found them so fabulous that the abbeys gradually began to sell them. For the delight of all connoisseurs of exceptional beers!

Only eleven abbeys in the world brew a beer that can be labelled as Trappist. Six are Belgian (three in Flanders and three in Wallonia), two Dutch, one Italian, one Austrian and one American. The abbeys are:

  • Achel, which produces beers with the same name and is located in Flemish Belgium (the Flanders)
  • Scourmont, which brews the different types of Chimay, located in French-speaking Belgium (Wallonia)
  • Orval, also located in Wallonia and which produces the homonymous beer
  • Saint-Rémy in Rochefort, also in Wallonia, which brews the Rochefort beers
  • Westmalle, which makes the homonymous beers and is located in Flanders
  • Saint-Sixte, also in Flanders, which produces the Westvleteren, a beer exclusively for on-site consumption and not for sale
  • Koningshoeven, located in the Netherlands, where all “la Trappe” beers come from
  • Zundert, which brews the homonymous beer and which is also located in the Netherlands
  • Tre Fontane, which brews the homonymous beer. This abbey, located in the heart of Rome, has obtained the label very recently for its eucalyptus-flavoured beer
  • Stift Engelszell, in Austria, which produces the Gregorius, Benno and Nivard beers
  • And Saint-Joseph in Spencer, in the United States, which brews the different beers bearing the same name

Our selection includes all these incredible certified Trappist beers, except for Nivard and Westvleteren.

A well brewed beer should be well savoured.

logo authentic trappist product Authentic Trappist Product logo

Abbaye de Scourmont - Chimay Abbay of Scourmont - Chimay

Our selection of Trappist beers, buy our beer online


Belgium 33 cl Achel blonde*

Achel blonde*

CHF 3.39
Austria 33 cl Benno Stift Engelszell*
Belgium 33 cl Chimay Brune Bleue *
Netherlands 33 cl La Trappe Quadrupel
Belgium 33 cl Orval Blonde sur Lie
Belgium 33 cl Rochefort 10 *

Rochefort 10 *

CHF 4.56
United States 36 cl Spencer Trappist IPA *
Italy 33 cl Tre Fontane *

Tre Fontane *

CHF 6.69
Belgium 33 cl Westmalle Tripel *
Netherlands 33 cl Zundert Trappist 8 *

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