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The brewing process converts the finely ground malt into juice with sugar: the sweet wort.

This is the most important and most significant step in beer production.

The first step is the mashing. Finely ground Malt flour is mixed with hot water, at a temperature between 35 ° and 50 ° C. This produces a thick cereal mash.

Then the content is heated to 75 ° C in large vessels. This is the brewing and it serves two purposes:

  • Conversion of starch into maltose sugar;
  • Extraction of soluble substances of the malt.

This process is called saccharification.

Two brewing methods can be used: "Brewing by infusion," in which hot water heats the entire content to 75 ° C, or "brewing by decoction," a method in which one part of the sweet wort is brought to the boiling temperature in a separate boiler. Then it is mixed with the rest of the sweet wort to make sure the entire content is brought to the target temperature. The first method is generally used for top-fermented beers, the second for the bottom-fermented beers.

In the next stage, the "lautering", the cereal mash (the saccharified wort) is left to rest in a lauter tun. It flows through the perforated bottom of the tun and the large bits of the grist are held back. The grist that settles is called ‘filter’ and is excellent food for livestock.

Malt preperation Adding roasted malt to th ecrucher


The wort is transferred to the boiler and boiled for 2 hours. Boiling sterilizes the wort, caramelizes and condenses it to the desired density. It also destroys the enzymes that are still active. During the boiling process hops are added which gives the beer the desired bitterness and flavor.

Cooling. The hot wort is cleared by using a ‘whirlpool’ or ‘hopback’ and then pumped into coolers.

The temperature of the liquid is brought down to a temperature suitable for fermentation. This is done in trickle coolers or containers with a cooling plate. Once the wort is cleared and oxygen is dissolved into the wort it is ready to be pumped into fermentation tanks. Yeast is added which converts the wort into beer.

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