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Gluten-free beers

Gluten-free beers

You might have noticed the gluten-free trend has completely blown up over the past few years. The main reason is that the increase in people who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten. But do you actually know what the infamous “gluten” is?

It is a family of proteins found in most grains, like barley, wheat or rye, to name a few. In baking, these proteins make the dough elastic with a relatively compact texture even when still raw. Unfortunately, the same proteins also cause problems to many people, which is why the gluten-free market has surfaced and developed so quickly.

Of course, the trend got the attention of certain breweries, which designed their own gluten-free beer. You should know, however, that no beer is currently 100% gluten-free, since all beers are brewed using a basis of barley malt: a grain that contains gluten. Nevertheless, these beers contain such low quantities of gluten proteins that the latter are certified to be harmless for people with celiac disease or other intolerances.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the wonder that is beer. Which is why we have selected a “gluten-free” collection, for all!


Our selection of gluten-free beers, buy our beer online


Belgium 33 cl Mongozo White Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo White Gluten Free Bio

Gluten-free white beer brewed with buckwheat, orange peels and cilantro

CHF 3.36

Temporarily out of stock

Belgium 25 cl Grisette Triple

Grisette Triple

Gluten Free % Organic Triple Ale

CHF 2.93
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Blonde

Grisette Blonde

Respecting traditional methods, Grisette Blonde Bio does not undergo any biochemical ...

CHF 2.15
Belgium 33 cl Mongozo Premium Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo Premium Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo Premium is an organic, Fairtrade and gluten-free Pils.

CHF 3.19

Temporarily out of stock

Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Gluten Free Punk IPA

Brewdog Gluten Free Punk IPA

Punk IPA is the beer that started a revolution - available in gluten free after 15 years ...

CHF 2.89

Temporarily out of stock

Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Vagabond

Brewdog Vagabond

Gluten-free is all the rage and beers follow the trend with this very pleasant representative ...

CHF 2.82

Temporarily out of stock

United Kingdom 44 cl Rooster's Go Backer! Vermont Session IPA

Rooster's Go Backer! Vermont Session IPA

A scaled down, gluten free Vermont IPA

CHF 4.49
United Kingdom 44 cl Rooster's Thousand Yard Stare

Rooster's Thousand Yard Stare

A gluten free hazy Pale Ale

CHF 4.61
Netherlands 33 cl VandeStreek Hop Art

VandeStreek Hop Art

Hop Art IPA is a fruity IPA, brewed with Citra, Columbus and Cascade classic hops

CHF 3.16
Corse 33 cl Pietra Blonde Bio Sans Gluten

Pietra Blonde Bio Sans Gluten

Top-fermented, this blonde is brewed by with organic malts.

CHF 3.20
France 33 cl Verte du Mont Blanc au Genepi

Verte du Mont Blanc au Genepi

Genepy beer, brewed with water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc.

CHF 3.55
France 33 cl Big Mountain Pale Ale

Big Mountain Pale Ale

Well balanced, light and easy-drinking. This is a hop forward pale ale with an edge of ...

CHF 3.63
France 75 cl Rousse du Mont Blanc

Rousse du Mont Blanc

3 cereals brown ale brewed with water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc

CHF 7.52
France 75 cl Mont Blanc Cristal IPA

Mont Blanc Cristal IPA

A light blonde beer that is well-balanced, refreshing and delicately hopped.

CHF 7.97
France 75 cl Mont Blanc Triple Epices

Mont Blanc Triple Epices

An intense and spicy amber beer

CHF 8.00

Temporarily out of stock

France 25 cl Jade Gluten Free Bio

Jade Gluten Free Bio

Organic Blonde Beer Gluten free. During its brewing, during the fermentation stage, gluten ...

CHF 2.41
Hungary 33 cl Monyo Grumpy Octopus

Monyo Grumpy Octopus

It's a 5.8% classic West Coast IPA brewed with American hops.

CHF 3.15
Estonia 33 cl Sori Brewing Coffee Gorilla *

Sori Brewing Coffee Gorilla *

Brewed with six different malts and smooth espresso.

CHF 4.70
Italy 40 cl CR/AK New Zealand

CR/AK New Zealand

GLUTEN FREE beer hoppy with plenty of New Zealand hops

CHF 4.80
Italy 40 cl CR/AK New Green

CR/AK New Green

It carries all the intensity of an IPA

CHF 4.91
Italy 40 cl CR/AK New World

CR/AK New World

Gluten-free pale beer with an intense fruity bitterness

CHF 4.98

Temporarily out of stock

Italy 33 cl Birra Flea Isabella

Birra Flea Isabella

fresh taste, is slightly fruity and bitter, with a thick

CHF 3.48

Temporarily out of stock

United States 36 cl Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Delicious IPA

A citrusy India Pale Ale with Lemondrop & El Dorado hops

CHF 3.32
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