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Organic beers

Organic Beers

Amstein SA is now certified by Bio Inspecta as importer of organic products in compliance with Swiss regulations on the high quality of organic farming and environmental protection.

Following the gluten-free trend, the market of organic beers has bloomed over the past few years. There are mainly two reasons behind this phenomenon:

  • First of all, the ever growing interest shown by consumers and producers in turning to organic farming and environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Second of all, the opportunity for brewers to offer high-quality products with the Organic Farming label. Despite national differences, the regulations on the matter are always strict, ensuring that the food product is fruit of a healthy, eco-friendly production with numerous health guarantees for the consumer. In a nutshell: good!

What are you waiting for? Treat yourselves and the Planet!

Our selection of organic beers, buy our beers online


Belgium 33 cl Mongozo White Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo White Gluten Free Bio

Gluten-free white beer brewed with buckwheat, orange peels and cilantro

CHF 3.23
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Blanche

Grisette Blanche

Belgian organic wheat beer

CHF 2.04
Belgium 33 cl Dupont Bière de miel bio

Dupont Bière de miel bio

A product with a predominant honey taste.

CHF 3.27
Belgium 75 cl -23%Lupulus Organicus

Lupulus Organicus

Issue de l'agriculture biologique, cette bière se rapproche vivement de la classique ...

CHF 6.09 CHF 7.93

Temporarily out of stock

Belgium 33 cl Lupulus Organicus

Lupulus Organicus

Lupulus Triple Organic

CHF 3.03
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Triple

Grisette Triple

Gluten Free % Organic Triple Ale

CHF 2.78
Belgium 33 cl Lupulus Brune

Lupulus Brune

Lupulus Brune Bio

CHF 3.03
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Blonde

Grisette Blonde

Respecting traditional methods, Grisette Blonde Bio does not undergo any biochemical ...

CHF 2.04
Belgium 33 cl Dupont Saison Biologique

Dupont Saison Biologique

The long fermentation in the bottle makes it a very complex yet light beer.

CHF 2.54
Belgium 25 cl Silly Bio

Silly Bio

This organic thirst-quencher has a malty taste that is followed by touches of bitter ...

CHF 1.80
Belgium 33 cl Mongozo Premium Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo Premium Gluten Free Bio

Mongozo Premium is an organic, Fairtrade and gluten-free Pils.

CHF 3.06
Germany 50 cl Störtebeker Roggen-Weizen *

Störtebeker Roggen-Weizen *

Roggen-Weizen is a naturally cloudy dark yeast beer brewed by top fermentation.

CHF 2.46
Germany 50 cl Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen *

Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen *

A natural wheat beer brewed by top fermentation.Full scent of ripe bananas and fruits ...

CHF 2.46
Germany 50 cl -29%Naturradler Sanddorn *

Naturradler Sanddorn *

this natural beer mix inspires with extraordinary refreshment

CHF 2.07 CHF 2.94
Germany 50 cl Naturradler Zitrone *

Naturradler Zitrone *

without artificial colourings or aromas.

CHF 2.94
Germany 33 cl -49%Störtebeker Eis-Lager *

Störtebeker Eis-Lager *

Bottom-fermented Eisbock, made from Störtebeker Baltic bearing.

CHF 2.05 CHF 4.07
Germany 33 cl Störtebeker Nordik-Porter *

Störtebeker Nordik-Porter *

Nordik-Porter is a bottom fermented Eisbock, made from Störtebeker Stark-Bier.

CHF 4.07
Germany 50 cl Störtebeker Baltik-Lager *

Störtebeker Baltik-Lager *

Baltik-Lager is a bottom fermented and unfiltered Lager beer .

CHF 2.46
Germany 50 cl Störtebeker Keller Bier 1402 *

Störtebeker Keller Bier 1402 *

Keller-Bier 1402 is a natural German Kellerbier brewed by bottom fermentation.

CHF 2.46
Germany 50 cl Naturradler Zitrone sans alcool *

Naturradler Zitrone sans alcool *

An alcohol-free thirst quencher with light hop notes and strong lemon

CHF 2.94
Germany 50 cl Störtebeker Frei-Bier *

Störtebeker Frei-Bier *

Brewed according to the Pilsener brewing recipe with a strong bitter aroma.

CHF 2.18
Austria 50 cl Gusswerk Krinnawible *

Gusswerk Krinnawible *

A special Austrian beer, slightly peated, to drink in moderation

CHF 32.46
Austria 50 cl Gusswerk Dies Irae *

Gusswerk Dies Irae *

This Iræ is an extremely strong beer (Barley Wine)

CHF 29.33
Corse 33 cl Pietra Blonde Bio Sans Gluten

Pietra Blonde Bio Sans Gluten

Top-fermented, this blonde is brewed by with organic malts.

CHF 3.13
France 33 cl Mira Blonde Bio N°5

Mira Blonde Bio N°5

Nothing is too organic for your delicate palate! it wakens your animal instincts

CHF 4.25
France 50 cl -24%Mont Blanc Sylvanus Blonde

Mont Blanc Sylvanus Blonde

Authentic abbey-style beer, this organic beer has a generous body, round but balanced ...

CHF 3.34 CHF 4.45
France 25 cl Jade Gluten Free Bio

Jade Gluten Free Bio

Organic Blonde Beer Gluten free. During its brewing, during the fermentation stage, gluten ...

CHF 2.30
Lithuania 33 cl Genys Tattoo Lager

Genys Tattoo Lager

Organic Pale Lager

CHF 3.50

Temporarily out of stock

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