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IPA - From bitterness to fruitiness

First of all, what is a “Pale Ale”? This English word simply identifies high fermentation blond beers. “Pale” refers to the colour of the beer, and “Ale” stands for a top-fermented beer.

To understand why “India” was added to the name of this type of beer, we have to go back to the 18th century, during the British colonial period. The troops of the British East India Company, who couldn’t find beer in the country, decided to bring it to the new territories. Unfortunately, the beer did not withstand the long journey at sea and was undrinkable at its arrival in Indian trade ports.

To overcome this problem, the exporting breweries created new brews that could be better preserved. To do this, they increased the alcohol content and used the only natural preservative available, hops. They added massive quantities of hops during the brewing process, thus allowing the beer to be kept for a much longer period. The result was a beer with strongly pronounced notes and  flavour and, most importantly, genuine and refreshing tartness. This became the India Pale Ale, a very popular premium beer. One of the most faithful representatives of this category is the IPA from the Shepherd Neame brewery.

These beers were widely drunk in India and Britain, until they almost disappeared at the end of the 20th century, due to a new tax on beers with high alcohol content. However, this style made a huge comeback in the 1990s, especially in the US, with the Stone brewery’s IPA.

Today, this type of beer has become very popular worldwide. Thanks to the different varieties of hops created over the past 20 years, IPAs can have a palette of varied flavours and accents, with flowery, fruity, herbal, resinous, spicy, lemony notes, etc. The best known is certainly the Punk IPA from Brewdog.

A selection of our finest IPAs, buy our beer online


Belgium 33 cl Chouffe Houblon 2X IPA

Chouffe Houblon 2X IPA

Strongly hopped, it with three times more hops than La Chouffe.

CHF 3.10
Belgium 33 cl Delirium Argentum

Delirium Argentum

Belgian Pale Ale.

CHF 3.67
Belgium 75 cl Martin's IPA 44

Martin's IPA 44

Indian Pale Ale

CHF 8.82
Belgium 33 cl -49%Vedett IPA

Vedett IPA

Accessible India Pale Ale Use of 4 different hop varieties

CHF 1.18 CHF 2.33
Belgium 33 cl Vedett IPA *

Vedett IPA *

Vedett Extra IPA is an exceptional beer

CHF 2.68
Belgium 33 cl Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA

Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA

Our first beer, elected by more than 850 Brussels' locals in the summer of 2013!

CHF 3.11
Germany 66 cl Riegele Simco 3

Riegele Simco 3

Cold hopped with Simcoe Hops at exactly zero degrees Celsius in the beer cellars.

CHF 5.28

Temporarily out of stock

Germany 33 cl Insel East Coast IPA

Insel East Coast IPA

Fruity, hoppy, grapefruit, intense red berries with spicy notes, no bitterness

CHF 3.37
Germany 33 cl BRLO Blurry Vision Hazy IPA

BRLO Blurry Vision Hazy IPA

Juicy NEIPA with fruity aromas and full silky body

CHF 3.65
Germany 33 cl BRLO German IPA


This unfiltered India Pale Ale is brewed with three different hops from Germany.

CHF 3.04
Germany 33 cl BRLO IPA


West coast wave of tangerine, grapefruit, and pine

CHF 3.04
Germany 33 cl Insel German Coast IPA

Insel German Coast IPA

Double India Pale Ale

CHF 3.37
Germany 33 cl Schoppe Bräu Holy Shit Ale

Schoppe Bräu Holy Shit Ale

XPA's big brother. More bark. More bite. For those who can't get enough.

CHF 3.91
Germany 33 cl Schoppe Bräu XPA

Schoppe Bräu XPA

True complexity. As diverse as the hood its from: straight outta Kreuzberg!

CHF 3.42
Germany 33 cl Insel Übersee Hopfen

Insel Übersee Hopfen

India Pale Ale

CHF 3.35
Austria 33 cl Bevog Kramah IPA

Bevog Kramah IPA

Kramah, shows off its hops muscles

CHF 3.31
England 50 cl Badger Cranborne Poacher

Badger Cranborne Poacher

Complex flavours of damson and liquorice give the beer its rich plummy taste and makes ...

CHF 2.58
England 50 cl Badger Wicked Wyvern

Badger Wicked Wyvern

A wonderfully refreshing West Coast IPA, deliciously wicked!

CHF 2.58
England 50 cl Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale

Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale

An IPA with a smooth body and aroma bewitching of caramel, candy, with one side spring ...

CHF 3.80
England 50 cl St. Austell Big Job

St. Austell Big Job

An English double IPA that knows how to claim its place among the lovers of this style

CHF 4.31
England 50 cl St. Austell Proper Job

St. Austell Proper Job

Proper Job is an authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water.

CHF 4.31
England 33 cl -24%Beavertown Lupuloid

Beavertown Lupuloid

A big beer, hailed by craft enthusiasts that delivers on experience time after time

CHF 2.84 CHF 3.77
England 33 cl Beavertown Bloody'Ell

Beavertown Bloody'Ell

our blood orange ipa - please juice responsibly

CHF 3.45
England 33 cl Beavertown Gamma Ray

Beavertown Gamma Ray

Great tasting super-premium apa that just tastes sumptuous

CHF 3.39
England 33 cl Beavertown Neck Oil

Beavertown Neck Oil

This beer changed the way people session in the UK

CHF 3.10
England 33 cl Black Sheep Pineapple Milkshake IPA

Black Sheep Pineapple Milkshake IPA

Brewed with fresh pineapple juice and fragrant Denali hops.

CHF 2.83
England 50 cl Greene King IPA

Greene King IPA

Session IPA

CHF 2.03
Scotland 33 cl -8%Brewdog Punk IPA boite

Brewdog Punk IPA boite

A transatlantic fusion between India Pale Ale and tropical fruit aromas.

CHF 2.39 CHF 2.60
Scotland 33 cl -8%Brewdog Punk IPA

Brewdog Punk IPA

A transatlantic fusion between India Pale Ale and tropical fruit aromas.

CHF 2.40 CHF 2.62
Scotland 50 cl -9%Brewdog Punk IPA

Brewdog Punk IPA

A transatlantic fusion between India Pale Ale and tropical fruit aromas.

CHF 2.65 CHF 2.92
Scotland 44 cl Brewdog Jack Hammer

Brewdog Jack Hammer

A fatally hopped bite that produces incredible sensations for this IPA from Scotland

CHF 3.94

Temporarily out of stock

Scotland 44 cl Brewdog Tony's Hopolonely

Brewdog Tony's Hopolonely

Our Tony’s Hopolonely collaboration brings one of their amazing bars to life in beer ...

CHF 2.78
Scotland 33 cl -8%Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine

Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine

Seasonal Beer - Citrus Session IPA

CHF 2.40 CHF 2.61
Scotland 44 cl Brewdog Double Punk

Brewdog Double Punk

The UK’s favourite craft beer – the beer that started it all – gets ramped up to 8.2% ...

CHF 3.52
Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Duopolis

Brewdog Duopolis

Creamy, fruity, smooth

CHF 2.73
Scotland 33 cl -7%Brewdog Elvis Juice

Brewdog Elvis Juice

An Amercian style IPA infused with grapefruit juice and zest

CHF 2.64 CHF 2.86
Scotland 33 cl -25%Innis & Gunn Gunnpowder IPA *

Innis & Gunn Gunnpowder IPA *

An explosion of aromas from Cascade, Centennial and Mandarina hops.

CHF 2.28 CHF 3.04
Scotland 44 cl Brewdog vs Cloudwater NEIPA

Brewdog vs Cloudwater NEIPA

Juicy New England IPA

CHF 4.16
Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Jagged Edge

Brewdog Jagged Edge

We dialled down our most legendary West Coast IPA creating a 5.1% homage to the style ...

CHF 1.93
Scotland 66 cl Brewdog Punk IPA

Brewdog Punk IPA

A transatlantic fusion between India Pale Ale and tropical fruit aromas.

CHF 4.16
Scotland 44 cl Brewdog The Vermont Sessions

Brewdog The Vermont Sessions

Northern England and Northern Scotland unite for this New England IPA

CHF 2.68

Temporarily out of stock

Ireland 33 cl O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale / IPA

O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale / IPA

A contemporary style IPA with an Irish twist.

CHF 2.30
Ireland 33 cl O'Hara's Session IPA

O'Hara's Session IPA

Brewed to be light and easy drinking while still full of the flavours of a traditional ...

CHF 2.12
Ireland 33 cl O'Hara's 51st State IPA

O'Hara's 51st State IPA

This unfiltered IPA takes its inspiration from the New England IPA style

CHF 1.95
Ireland 33 cl O'Hara's Stormburst IPA

O'Hara's Stormburst IPA

Stormburst is a cloudy, smooth, fruity assault on the taste buds.

CHF 1.91
Ireland 50 cl O'Hara's Tropical IPA

O'Hara's Tropical IPA

An IPA bursting with tropical flavours of tangerine, papaya, citrus and mango.

CHF 3.70
Netherlands 33 cl T IJ IPA


A very attractive, finely dry-hopped Dutch IPA

CHF 2.43
Netherlands 33 cl -24%Uiltje Big Fat 5

Uiltje Big Fat 5

Simcoe, Chinook, Citra, Amarillo and Columbus, this 8% ABV West Coast style DIPA.

CHF 2.98 CHF 3.96
Netherlands 33 cl Uiltje Bird of Prey

Uiltje Bird of Prey

A supernatural IPA chock-full of citra, chinook and mosaic hops and always super hoppy ...

CHF 3.56
Netherlands 33 cl Uiltje Dr. Raptor

Uiltje Dr. Raptor

9,2% Double IPA

CHF 4.07
Netherlands 33 cl De Molen Dag & Dauw

De Molen Dag & Dauw

Bergamot gives this IPA a very refreshing character, perfect for spring and summer.

CHF 3.40
Netherlands 44 cl Uiltje El Patron

Uiltje El Patron

CHF 5.83
Netherlands 44 cl Uiltje James Blonde

Uiltje James Blonde

Sometimes we think back about this beer, we loved it. It will be in our memories but ...

CHF 5.06
Netherlands 33 cl Uiltje Hoo-Dini

Uiltje Hoo-Dini

CHF 3.19
Netherlands 33 cl VandeStreek Hop Art

VandeStreek Hop Art

Hop Art IPA is a fruity IPA, brewed with Citra, Columbus and Cascade classic hops

CHF 3.13
Netherlands 44 cl Uiltje Getting Juicy With It

Uiltje Getting Juicy With It

Malts; Pilsner, Flaked Barley, Flaked Oats Hops; Talus, Idaho7, Phato Yeast; London Fog

CHF 5.71
Netherlands 44 cl -25%Uiltje Hopsicalactic IPA

Uiltje Hopsicalactic IPA

CHF 4.53 CHF 6.04
Netherlands 33 cl De Molen Op & Top

De Molen Op & Top

This hoppy blonde beer is our crossover from a regular blonde to IPA.

CHF 2.74
Netherlands 33 cl De Molen Vuur & Vlam

De Molen Vuur & Vlam

Vuur & Vlam means Fire & Flames and this beer will set you on fire!

CHF 2.99
Corse 33 cl Pietra Corsican IPA

Pietra Corsican IPA

Explosion of notes of tropical fruits and lemon flavours with a pleasant bitterness.

CHF 3.13
Norway 50 cl Nogne IPA

Nogne IPA

A rich, bitter and spicy IPA for lovers of India Pale Ales

CHF 4.02
Norway 50 cl Nogne Two Captains Double IPA

Nogne Two Captains Double IPA

This double India Pale Ale was originally brewed by the winner of the Norwegian Home ...

CHF 4.39
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