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St-Feuillien Grand Cru

Type of beer
Top-fermenting / Ale
9.50 %
Serving Temperature
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot

Its full, white head is light and frothy, and when poured it creates a subtle lace effect. The very pale colour of Grand Cru lends clarity and brilliance to its body.

Grand Cru's delicate nose is a true cascade of hoppy aromas with hints of fruitiness coupled with subtlety and sheer richness.

When savoured, the first sip is light and intriguing. The next impression is one of a slight bitterness full of captivating nuances. When it hits the palate, Grand Cru creates a lingering moment of hoppiness (mainly Styrian Golding hop), which dominates the aftertaste, rounded off by a fairly intense yet pleasant after-bitterness.

Gold Award 2011 at the European Beer Star in the category of Belgian Style Strong Ale.

Food pairing
It goes very nicely with fish, white meat and poultry.

Brewery's info

Brasserie St-Feuillien was founded by Stephanie Friart in 1873. With its fifth generation in harness, the Friart family continues to produce a wide range of beers St-Feuillien, Grisette, Saison and Grand Cru, thus proving its wish to embed itself into th

Grand Cru is a speciality beer, carefully crafted by Belgium's St-Feuillien Brewery.

Belgium 75 cl St-Feuillien de Noel

St-Feuillien de Noel

St-Feuillien is a top-fermenting beer.

CHF 7.77
Belgium 75 cl St-Feuillien Grand Cru

St-Feuillien Grand Cru

Grand Cru is a speciality beer carefully crafted by Belgium's St-Feuillien Brewery.

CHF 8.23
Belgium 75 cl St-Feuillien Saison

St-Feuillien Saison

Saison is what the Belgians call local beer.

CHF 6.97
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Gluten Free BIO

Grisette Gluten Free BIO

Respecting traditional methods, Grisette Blonde Bio does not undergo any biochemical ...

CHF 1.99
Belgium 33 cl St-Feuillien Blonde

St-Feuillien Blonde

St-Feuillien is a top fermented beer.

CHF 2.83
Belgium 25 cl Grisette Fruits Des Bois

Grisette Fruits Des Bois

Scintillating, fresh and delicately flavoured.

CHF 2.81
- 99 cl Valisette St-Feuillien 3B33+1V
Divers 85 cl Verre St-Feuillien Grand Cru ( 85 cl)
Belgium 33 cl St-Feuillien Triple

St-Feuillien Triple

St-Feuillien is a top fermented beer.

CHF 3.00
United States 33 cl Green Flash West Coast IPA

Green Flash West Coast IPA

Issue d'une collaboration entre les brasseries St-Feuillien et Green Flash, cette grande ...

CHF 3.37
Divers 33 cl Verre St-Feuillien Saison 33cl ( 33 cl)
Divers 33 cl Verre Grisette ( 33 cl)
Belgium 33 cl St-Feuillien Brune

St-Feuillien Brune

St-Feuillien is a top fermented beer.

CHF 3.19
Divers 0 cl Tapis de bar St-Feuillien
- 1.5 l St-Feuillien Triple Magnum

St-Feuillien Triple Magnum

St-Feuillien is a top fermented beer.

CHF 20.61



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