AMSTEIN SA's History

AMSTEIN SA, since 1973

The Amstein SA Company was founded in 1973. Over time it grew rapidly from a small, local company to a national one. Today the company distributes imported beers from all over the world over Switzerland.

The passion

The founder of the company, Jacques Amstein, was among the first ones who believed in the potential of "beers of the world" in Switzerland. He was fascinated by foreign beers and their tradition and started working on the gargantuan task to raise the interest of the Swiss consumer in beer styles and types outside of Switzerland and to gradually change their beer consumption habits. Imported beers quickly proved to be a success and foreign beer specialties became fashionable. As usual the consumer was the winner as the number of beers for sale and the knowledge of beer increased .

The Amstein Company had to struggle with old habits and rigid regulations. For example one food regulation stipulated that beer had to be clear, which excluded distributing unfiltered, cloudy beers in Switzerland.

Jacques Amstein Jacques Amstein