The beer selection by AMSTEIN SA

How does AMSTEIN SA choose its selection of beers?

At AMSTEIN SA, the beer selection process is long and it involves multiple steps, to guarantee the best possible quality of our products. The first step consists in getting in touch with the brewery. There are two possibilities: either we are looking for a product and we contact them, or the brewery wants to enter the Swiss market and it makes us a proposal.

After the initial discussion, we ask the brewery to send us a sample of each beer selected. We do the first tasting in the two weeks after the delivery, to get an idea of what the beer tastes like just out of the brewery. Then we do the second tasting after 3 or 4 months with the beer having been stored in unfavourable conditions to understand how the beer ages and if it withstands storage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in fact many beers fail this test. Only if the beer passes both tests do we start negotiating to place an order and add the product to our selection.

Thanks to this strict selection process, AMSTEIN SA only proposes beers with high organoleptic qualities and which store well.