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50 cl
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Andechser Weissbier s/Alcool

Klosterbrauerei Andechs
Type of beer
Without alcohol
Top-fermenting / Ale
0.00 %
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CHF 2.53

Temporarily out of stock

honey-to-amber colour, while its yeast turbidity is strong and yet finely structured

fruit aromas including banana combined with a clove fragrance

An alcohol-free thirst-quencher with the typical Andechs weissbier flavour: a fine yeast component, pleasantly tangy and sparkling in a way that makes you thirsty for more

Our alcohol-free weissbier is the first non-alcoholic beer ever to be marketed by the Andechs monastery brewery. The dealcoholisation process is gentle, so as to preserve that typical Andechs weissbier flavour for which it is appreciated so much.

Divers 1.0 l Verre Bavarois Andechs 1L ( 1.0 l)
Germany 50 cl Andechser Bergb. Hell

Andechser Bergb. Hell

Full-bodied, harmonious Bock

CHF 3.01
Divers 65 cl Chope avec couvercle Andechs * ( 65 cl)

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 50 cl Chope Andechs 50cl ( 50 cl)
Divers 30 cl Verre Andechs Weizen 30cl ( 30 cl)
Germany 50 cl Andechser Doppel.Dunk.

Andechser Doppel.Dunk.

Powerful Doppelbock

CHF 3.01
Germany 50 cl Andechser Dunkles Weiss

Andechser Dunkles Weiss

The aromatic character of dark wheat beer!

CHF 2.67
Germany 50 cl Andechser Vollb. Hell

Andechser Vollb. Hell

Classic Bavarian Lager beer

CHF 2.48
Divers 50 cl Verre Andechs Weizen 50cl ( 50 cl)
Divers 50 cl Chope en grés Andechs 50cl ( 50 cl)
Germany 50 cl Andechser Hefe Weissb.

Andechser Hefe Weissb.

A wheat beer for a taste a of Andechser’s lifestyle.

CHF 2.67



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