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Mongozo Coconut

Type of beer
Weat beer / White beer / Weissbier
Top-fermenting / Ale
3.60 %
Serving Temperature
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot

Mongozo Coconut is white in colour, similar to coconut liqueurs. It has a refreshing coconut flavour. It is often drunk out of a coconut shell. Could it be any more exotic?

Mongozo Coconut has the characteristic aroma of fresh coconut.

Mongozo Coconut has the refreshing flavour of coconut. The beer flavour only comes through in the aftertaste.

Mongozo Coconut is Fairtrade certified.

Food pairing
Mongozo Coconut goes well with exotic dishes.

Brewery's info

The capacity of the brewery currently amounts to 148,000 hectoliter, but will increase to 300,000 hectoliter. From October 2011 onwards a state-of-the-art brew room (Krones) will be brought into use. It consists of: •5 new brewing kettles, including a

Mongozo Coconut is an exotic fruit beer with a refreshing coconut flavour.

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