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alcohol-free beer

alcohol-free beer


Sometimes you don't want to drink. Or we can't. Or we just don't like it!
There are a multitude of reasons why an alcoholic beverage is not always appropriate.
But that doesn't stop you from being thirsty for a good beer!

How is alcohol-free beer made?

The manufacturing processes for alcohol-free beer can be classified according to two basic approaches:
either the beer is brewed in the traditional way and the alcohol produced is extracted later, or the fermentation process is stopped before an alcohol content of more than 0.5% is formed.
For this is exactly the limit up to which beer is allowed to bear the designation "alcohol-free".
During the brewing process, the yeast converts the sugar in the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide, so it makes sense to stop the process before the 0.5% limit is reached in order to obtain alcohol-free beer. Since this process leaves more sugar than usual, these beers often have a slightly sweet taste.
Very low temperatures and specially cultivated yeasts help to mitigate this effect.

The alternative: the alcohol is extracted from the beer again once it is finished.
For example, in the case of vacuum distillation or vacuum rectification,
the alcohol evaporates, but the associated aromas are collected and reintroduced later.

 In addition, there are different filtration techniques to separate the alcohol from the beer.
A very important key term in this context is 'reverse osmosis'.

In the meantime, many breweries rely on a combination of different methods,
but they keep secret the exact process used to prevent it from being copied.

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Germany 33 cl Warsteiner Herb (Sans Alcool)
Germany 50 cl Andechser Weissbier s/Alcool
Germany 33 cl Warsteiner Fresh 0.0% (Sans Alcool)
Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Nanny State

Temporarily out of stock

Sweden 33 cl Easy Rider Bulldog sans alcool
Germany 33 cl Riegele IPA Liberis 2+3
Germany 33 cl Warsteiner Radler Alkoholfrei
Germany 33 cl Warsteiner Radler Zitrone
Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Punk AF (alcohol free IPA)

Temporarily out of stock

Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Punk AF (alcohol free IPA)

Temporarily out of stock

Scotland 33 cl Brewdog Punk AF (alcohol free IPA)

Temporarily out of stock

Germany 33 cl Insel Snorkelers Sea Salt IPA
Germany 33 cl Insel Surfers Summer Ale
Germany 33 cl BRLO Naked

BRLO Naked

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