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33 cl
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Pohjala Must Kuld (Black Gold)

Põhjala Brewery
Type of beer
Top-fermenting / Ale
7.80 %
Serving Temperature
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot

Jet-black with a crema-like head

The aroma of smooth milk chocolate will pour out of the bottle when opened, quickly followed by both honey and blackcurrant jam

Chocolate will come through first. Balancing this is a suggestion of delicate coffee with a decadent hint of raspberry and blackcurrant

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Brewery's info

Põhjala Brewery was the first in the new wave of Estonian microbreweries, starting as a gypsy brewery at the end of 2012. In April 2014, we started brewing on our own Premier Stainless 12 hl brewhouse in Tallinn. We brew small batches of hand crafted ales, using the best malts, loads of mostly New World hops and a relentless passion for good beer. When creating our beers, we are inspired by Nordic nature, Estonian new cuisine and the work of our fellow microbrewers in the U.S., UK and Scandinavia.

A rich porter with smooth honey notes

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Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Pime Öö PX

Pohjala Pime Öö PX

Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

CHF 6.20

Temporarily out of stock

Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Honey Laku

Pohjala Honey Laku

An Imperial Porter aged in PX and Bourbon barrels

CHF 6.20
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Orange Gose

Pohjala Orange Gose

A citrus-forward gose brewed with Oranges, Coriander, Himalayan rock salt

CHF 3.49
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Pilky

Pohjala Pilky

A refreshingly modern German-style pilsner.

CHF 3.35
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Kosmos

Pohjala Kosmos

An intergalactic IPA brewed with huge amounts of Citra and Mosaic.

CHF 3.35
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Virmalised

Pohjala Virmalised

IPA with a fresh citrus and grapefruit punch

CHF 3.77
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Talveöö Rum&Bourbon BA

Pohjala Talveöö Rum&Bourbon BA

A Rum and Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Baltic Porter

CHF 6.20
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Gimme Danger

Pohjala Gimme Danger

Gluten-free Imperial Stout

CHF 4.22
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Meri

Pohjala Meri

A sour wheat beer brewed with coriander seeds and pink Himalayan rock salt

CHF 3.31
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Öö (Night)

Pohjala Öö (Night)

An Imperial Baltic Porter as dark as the Estonian winter nights

CHF 4.09
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Jõuluöö (Christmas Night)

Pohjala Jõuluöö (Christmas Night)

Silky smooth porter, aged on cacao nibs, fresh vanilla pods, and French oak.

CHF 3.80

Temporarily out of stock

Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Uus Maailm

Pohjala Uus Maailm

A hop-forward California-inspired session beer

CHF 3.54
Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Leevike

Pohjala Leevike

spiced sour bred with cranberries, hibiscus, heather honey, toasted cinnamon and cloves

CHF 3.79

Temporarily out of stock

Estonia 33 cl Pohjala Othu

Pohjala Othu

An easy going porter brewed with oats and rye, bursting with chocolate flavours

CHF 3.35



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