The service of a beer

Start with beers with slightly less pronounced flavours and finish off with stronger flavours.

Make sure to serve the beer at the right temperature, refer to the serving temperature chart, although there is a personal dimension to the ideal serving temperature. If you want to identify the defects of the beer, serve it at room temperature.

  • Slightly tilt the glass and pour slowly. Form a thick foam head.
  • For beers refermented in the bottle: leave 1 cm of beer in the bottle so that the yeast deposit remains on the bottom of the bottle
  • For white/wheat/Weizenbier/ beers: gently rotate the bottle with a top-down movement and on itself to stir the yeast. Then serve.

Recommended serving temperatures

For bottom-fermented beers (lager) and white beers (Weizen, Weissbier, ...):

  • Serve at 7 to 9 ° C

For top-fermented beers (Abbey, special beers, ...), and Lambic beers (Gueuze, Kriek, ...):

  • Serve at 10 to 12 ° C

For very malty beers (Trappist, stout, ...):

  • Serve at 12 - 15 ° C