The analysis in the mouth

Tasting tips

Take a sip, leave the beer spread around the whole mouth so that it reaches all the areas of your tongue. Breathe out through the nose while tasting.

Focus also on the sensations in your mouth which are perceived on the tongue but also on your cheeks.

L'analyse en bouche

There are 4 basic flavours:

  1. Sweet (on the tip of the tongue)
  2. Salty (on the front edge, both sides)
  3. Bitter (in the back)
  4. Sour (on the sides, in the middle)

Identify the spot where the tactile sensation is perceived.


  • Texture: thick (oily, round...), thin (watery, slippery)
  • Astringency: dryness of the mucous membranes
  • Effervescence: spicy, flat


To finish off the taste profile of the beer, swallow the liquid in order to perceive:

  • Persistence (aftertaste duration and intensity)
  • Bitterness (hopping). It is perceived on the back of the tongue