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75 cl
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Acerum St. Laurent *

40.00 %
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TASTING NOTES A light and fruity approach, aromas of apple and candied pear, notes of coconut bark, toffee and butterscotch, slightly spicy and tannic wood notes, long and creamy finish of maple butter.

St. Laurent Acerum is a noble eau-de-vie that reveals the delicate and refined aromas of distilled maple sap. The sole ingredients used for fermentation are Quebec maple syrup, water and yeasts. The maple wine is then distilled twice in a Scottish type copper pot still. No sweeteners or flavors are added to the precious distillate. St. Laurent Acerum is then aged in both new and used oak barrels for more than a year. More than 25 liters of maple sap are needed to produce a single bottle. One of the most laborious spirits to produce, Acerum is an innovation that pays tribute to our ancestral tradition of the sugar shack. 40% alc/vol 75cl

Netherlands 70 cl Bols Parfait Amour *

Bols Parfait Amour *

Bols Parfait Amour est une liqueur violette qui allie de manière envoutante les arômes ...

CHF 27.33
France 70 cl Creme de Cassis Cusenier *
Switzerland 1.0 l Liqueur Menthe Verte *

Temporarily out of stock

Italy 2.0 l Limoncello 2lt *

Limoncello 2lt *

CHF 34.65
Scotland 70 cl Brewdog Inugami Schochu *

Brewdog Inugami Schochu *

Ginger and rhubarb give Inugami a crisp, clean bite like no other.

CHF 30.39

Temporarily out of stock

Canada 38 cl Cidre de Glace Domaine Pinnacle *

Cidre de Glace Domaine Pinnacle *

Appel wine from 6 types of apples. The magic happens during Canada's legendary winters ...

CHF 38.06
Switzerland 1.0 l Morand Liqueur Menthe Verte *
Switzerland 1.0 l Grand Napoleon à l'Orange *
France 70 cl Grand Marnier*

Grand Marnier*

CHF 32.74
Italy 70 cl Caffè Borghetti *

Caffè Borghetti *

CHF 21.71
Netherlands 70 cl Bols Blue Curacao *
Switzerland 50 cl Hydromel à l'Ours *

Hydromel à l'Ours *

Craft mead made with passion in Saillon (Valais)

CHF 15.73
Germany 1.0 l Jaegermeister 100 cl*
Italy 70 cl Frangelico Liqueur *
Netherlands 70 cl Bols Tripe Sec *

Bols Tripe Sec *

CHF 25.06
Mexico 70 cl Zekilla *

Zekilla *

CHF 24.73



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