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Finest Call Passion Fruit Puree

CHF 8.94
CHF 10.99
CHF 8.94 /L.
Le type d'objet 'Products (10018)' ne contient pas la catégorie 'Cepage' de type N/A.

The authentic flavor of this fruit yields a powerful combination that is both tart and revitalizing. 15% juice from the Flavicarpa Degener variety of passion fruit. Incredibly refreshing and tart flavor profile with a bold citrus finish and a good aroma.

Divers 1.0 l -15%Finest Call Single Pressed Lime

Finest Call Single Pressed Lime

Persian Limes give this Single Pressed Lime Juice the perfect touch of acidity that makes ...

CHF 11.59 CHF 13.64
Divers 1.0 l -17%Finest Call Wild Berry Puree

Finest Call Wild Berry Puree

A unique blend of strawberries, raspberries, and mangoes, married together perfectly ...

CHF 10.03 CHF 12.09
Divers 1.0 l -16%Finest Call Mango Puree

Finest Call Mango Puree

Blended with pureed Alphonso mangoes with a touch of all-natural sweeteners for a refreshing ...

CHF 10.25 CHF 12.30
Divers 1.0 l -19%Finest Call Strawberry Puree

Finest Call Strawberry Puree

California strawberries harvested at their peak ripeness are the object of our labor ...

CHF 8.72 CHF 10.77
Divers 1.0 l -24%Finest Call Lime Cordial

Finest Call Lime Cordial

West Indian limes and all-natural extracts give this lime cordial the perfect touch of ...

CHF 6.37 CHF 8.42
Divers 1.0 l -18%Finest Call White Peach Puree

Finest Call White Peach Puree

California White Peaches create a mouthwatering cocktail experience and can be substituted ...

CHF 8.85 CHF 10.91
Divers 1.0 l -15%Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon

Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon

Mexican Lemons give this Single Pressed Lemon Juice the perfect touch of acidity that ...

CHF 11.59 CHF 13.64
Divers 1.0 l -19%Finest Call Sugar Syrup

Finest Call Sugar Syrup

Sugar Syrup features pure cane sugar and carbon-filtered water to add a bit of sweetness ...

CHF 8.31 CHF 10.36
Divers 1.0 l -19%Finest Call Banana Puree

Finest Call Banana Puree

A smooth and refreshing taste of sweet, tree-ripened bananas. This product is full of ...

CHF 8.69 CHF 10.74
Divers 1.0 l -22%Finest Call Pina Colada

Finest Call Pina Colada

"Made with premium Bakers® cream of coconut and the perfect level of pineapple juice ...

CHF 7.10 CHF 9.15
Divers 1.0 l -23%Finest Call Sweet & Sour

Finest Call Sweet & Sour

A precise blend of pure lemon juice with all-natural essential lemon, lime and orange ...

CHF 6.74 CHF 8.79


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