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Chouffe Blonde

Brasserie d'Achouffe
Type of beer
Top-fermenting / Ale
8.00 %
Serving Temperature
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot

A cloudy golden beer, with a steady, very white and tight foam.

La Chouffe has a fruity aroma (peach - apricot) with a touch of coriander and subtle hopping.

This beer is sweet, yet slightly bitter with a fresh and drying finish, with fruity and spicy (with coriander) notes and hopped.

La Chouffe is now an international reference in the field of spicy beers called the “goblin beer”; immensely popular in the Netherlands, France, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and Quebec (Canada).

Food pairing
Fennel, asparagus, broccoli, salmon, tuna, lobster, mussels, smoked anet-flavoured salmon, cooked chicken, cooked veal, Flower Audresselles, Beaufort High Alpage

Brewery's info

The history of the brewery Achouffe is like a fairy tale. "A hobby became a profession in its own right," joked Chris Bauweraerts and its founders Pierre Gobron. The two friends begin their brewing operations in 1982 in the small Ardennes village Achouffe

An easy-to-drink low-alcohol beer.

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Belgium 75 cl N'Ice Chouffe de Noel

N'Ice Chouffe de Noel

It warms dwarves winters!

CHF 7.43
Belgium 1.5 l Big Chouffe

Big Chouffe

An easy-to-drink low-alcohol beer.

CHF 19.50
Divers 0 cl Bonnet Chouffe

Bonnet Chouffe

CHF 9.72
Divers 0 cl Plaque métal Chouffe Soleil
Belgium 33 cl Mc Chouffe Brune

Mc Chouffe Brune

The Mc Chouffe is an unfiltered dark beer (such as scotch).

CHF 2.95
Divers 0 cl Drapeau Chouffe

Drapeau Chouffe

CHF 43.20
Belgium 75 cl Mc Chouffe Brune

Mc Chouffe Brune

The Mc Chouffe is an unfiltered dark beer (such as scotch).

CHF 6.91
Belgium 75 cl Chateau d'Ychouffe

Chateau d'Ychouffe

Dessert beer with red grapes

CHF 11.29

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 0 cl Plaque métal Chouffe Houblon
Divers 50 cl Verre Chouffe 50 cl ( 50 cl)
Belgium 75 cl Chouffe Blonde

Chouffe Blonde

An easy-to-drink low-alcohol beer.

CHF 6.70
Divers 25 cl Verre Chouffe Magic 25cl ( 25 cl)
Belgium 33 cl Chouffe Houblon 2X IPA

Chouffe Houblon 2X IPA

Strongly hopped, it with three times more hops than La Chouffe.

CHF 3.02
- 1.3 l Val. Chouffe 4B33+1Ve
Belgium 33 cl Chouffe Cherry

Chouffe Cherry

the NEW Chouffe fruit beer full of surprises!

CHF 2.92



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