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Ceinture Duvel

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Divers 1.5 l Rivella Rouge *

Rivella Rouge *

CHF 1.17 CHF 2.31
Divers 20 cl Michel Raisin

Michel Raisin

CHF 1.55

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 20 cl Michel Ananas Premium *
Switzerland 33 cl Ice Cascara Original *

Ice Cascara Original *

A drink rich in natural antioxidants, with no added sugars. Original and delicious

CHF 2.81
Divers 25 cl Opaline Pommes - Plantes *
Divers 0 cl Lunette Wittekop Jaune

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 33 cl Dalston's Fizzy Blackcurrant *
Divers 50 cl GoGinger *

GoGinger *

Non-carbonated drink based on ginger juice and turmeric, organic, made in Romandie.

CHF 2.13
Divers 1.0 l Granini Tomate *

Granini Tomate *

CHF 2.81
Divers 20 cl San Pellegrino Limonata Bio
Divers Morand Pompe à Sirop *

Temporarily out of stock

Switzerland 20 cl Swiss Mountain Spring Ginger Ale
Divers 20 cl Granini Tomate *

Granini Tomate *

CHF 1.19
Switzerland 33 cl Urban Kombucha Gingembre *

Urban Kombucha Gingembre *

Switzerland’s first organic, natural and craft Kombucha tea. 100% Made in Chez Nous !

CHF 2.20
Divers 75 cl Opaline Pommes-Betterave *

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 25 cl Opaline Poires Williams *



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