CHF 89.40
CHF 127.71 /Litre
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  • Alkohol
    65.00 %
  • Description
    “The nose features herbal aromas of hyssop, small absinthe, and lemon balm mint. A very discreet, green anise. A dry, bracing nose. A strong plant taste in the mouth: invigorating, mountain fresh, and perfumed. The powerful absinthe plant quickly becomes established in the mouth, before developing delightful, enduring floral notes. This absinthe is refreshing, dry and elegant” Larusée Verte is the result of the same distilling process as Larusée Bleue. The difference is that immediately after distillation, a bouquet of plants is left to soak in it. This provides strong herbal notes and the sublime, one hundred percent natural green hue.