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75 cl
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Dézaley GC PRESTIGE 2017 *

Serving Temperature
12.80 %
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Divers 70 cl Kahlua*


CHF 29.18
Divers 70 cl Bacardi Carta Oro (Gold) *
Divers 70 cl Pampero Rhum blanc *
Italy 75 cl Prosecco Il Sestiere * Prosecco DOC
Divers 70 cl Skyy Vodka *

Skyy Vodka *

CHF 19.99
Divers 40 cl Verre Gotlands #

Verre Gotlands #

CHF 2.24
Divers 70 cl Morand Liqueur Génépi *
Divers 70 cl Tequila Don Julio Blanco *
Divers 70 cl Tequila Espolon Reposado *
Argentina 75 cl Puro Malbec 2018

Puro Malbec 2018

Mendoza MO - Dieter Meier

CHF 17.57
Divers 33 cl Verre Stone 30cl

Verre Stone 30cl

CHF 3.91
Switzerland 58 cl Einsiedler Bugel  *

Einsiedler Bugel *

A refreshing bottom-fermented lager, perfect for the summer, from one of the oldest Swiss ...

CHF 2.64

Temporarily out of stock

Divers 75 cl Rosato Ramazzoti *

Rosato Ramazzoti *

CHF 17.17
Divers 1.0 l Campari Bitter *

Campari Bitter *

CHF 23.56
Divers 50 cl Morand Douce de Coing *
Divers 70 cl Vodka Grey Goose *

Vodka Grey Goose *

CHF 39.88



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