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50 cl
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Wychwood Goliath

Wychwood Brewery
Type of beer
Top-fermenting / Ale
Red / Amber
4.20 %
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
LittleA lot
CHF 3.55
CHF 3.77

Dark ruby

Toffee, slight citrus, chocolate

Toffee, dry, biscuit

Deliciously Dark

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England 50 cl Wychwood Ginger Beard

Wychwood Ginger Beard

Pale amber ale, infused with fiery ginger roots with a spicy finish and a bit of bite ...

CHF 3.67 CHF 3.89
England 50 cl Wychwood King Goblin

Wychwood King Goblin

This mahogany coloured beer has a full, rich flavour and a long, satisfying finish.

CHF 3.54 CHF 3.76
England 50 cl Wychwood Hobgoblin

Wychwood Hobgoblin

Ruby beer, a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with moderate bitterness ...

CHF 3.64
England 50 cl Wychwood Scarecrow

Wychwood Scarecrow

Organic Pale Ale

CHF 3.68
Divers 0 cl Bar Towel Hobgoblin
Divers 0 cl T-Shirt Hobgoblin Size XL # Sur commande
England 50 cl Wychwood Black Wych

Wychwood Black Wych

Its alluringly rich dark malt lets bitterness creep in.

CHF 3.76
England 50 cl Wychwood Dr. Thirstys No4

Wychwood Dr. Thirstys No4

An unpasteurised, shimmering gold concoction with an insanely fragrant aroma.

CHF 3.54 CHF 3.76
Divers 50 cl Verre Hobgoblin

Verre Hobgoblin

CHF 4.52



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